New Projects Moving coil phono preamplifier Single-ended hybrid power amplifier Hybrid Phono Preamplifier MK I Balancing Cathode Follower RCA to XLR Laboratory Pages (preamps) (power amp) Conceptual Ideas Le Pacific Preamplifier revisited Some ideas, how this popular phono preamplifier might be improved in performance at very little costs Older Projects Components used in the older projects such as transformers, transistors or operational amplifiers may be obsolete or outdated. The older projects are meant to provide information only. MM / MC battery powered Phono Preamplifier This battery powered preamplifier was my very first DIY phono stage and was built in 2000. Drawback is the limited operation time due to the small 9V batteries. MC phono preamplifier Il Trovatore The Il Trovatore was built in 2013 and I replaced it in October 2019 by the above Memphis MC 1. Today I see the combination of the MC step-up transformer with the two 2SK369 input jFets critical due  to their input capacitances. It is not a design I  would recommend any longer. IC based power amplifier This IC based power amplifier is a rugged all-purpose work horse, ideal for pop or rock music and discos - not truly “high-end“ but 99.9% foolproof. I use it frequently since 2006 and it never failed. Tube Power Amplifier 2 x 50W  The tube power amplifier was built in 1994 and served me well until I replaced it by the above single-ended  power amplifier in 2017. Back to Main Page
Projects   Currently on the Workbench: Hybrid Phono Preamplifier MK II
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