New Projects Moving coil phono preamplifier Low Budget MM phono preamplifier Single-ended hybrid power amplifier Balancing amplifier RCA to XLR some Pictures of my DIY Turntable Old Projects Components used in the older projects such as transformers, jFets or operational amplifiers may be obsolete or simply outdated. The old projects are primarily meant to provide information and present the concepts. MM / MC battery powered Phono Preamplifier. The battery powered preamplifier was my very first phono stage and was built in 2000. MC phono preamplifier Il Trovatore. Il Trovatore was built in 2013 and I replaced it in October 2019 by the above Memphis MC 1. IC based power amplifier. The IC based power amplifier is a rugged all-purpose work horse, ideal for pop and rock music and discos - not truly “high-end“. I use it since 2006 and it never failed. Tube Power Amplifier 2 x 50W.  The tube power amplifier was built        in 1994 and served me well until I replaced it by the above single-ended        power amplifier. Back to Main Page
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