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Aside the wide popularity of CD as a medium in mass consumer audio, there is an obvious increasing demand of LPs and LP players. More and more serious audiophiles are going back to LP for digital reproduction is often perceived artificial, cold or harsh. Other listeners simply notice a loss in the music’s soul and ability to transfer emotions when comparing LPs and CDs.

Given comparable amounts of money, a LP system can easily sound better than a CD system. Furthermore numerous vinyl recordings from the sixties and even the fifties still set standards in artistic performance and audio engineering. Hence despite the introduction of SACD and DVD, the analogue technique is celebrating a comeback.

All projects presented on my site underwent intense modifying, testing and listening by members of the Klangforum Dresden.

Have fun with the schematics and please send me an e-mail for comments or critics. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Klaus Boening

Dresden, Germany, January 2004

email: kboening@gmx.de

greatest soprano of the 20th century, born 04.12.1923 in New York, died 16.09.1977 in Paris

Maria Meneghini Callas 1957


2 x 50 Watt Tube Power Amplifier

Phono Preamplifier with Transformer Output Stage

High Performance Output Stage for Phono Preamplifier with with LL7902 transformer

Phono Preamplifier MK III (“La Bohème ”)

Revised Headamp for MK III Phono Stage (MK III b)



Deutsche Zusammenfassung der MK III Schaltungsbeschreibung (German Summary)


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  • Some projects involve working with voltages of 240V or above that can potentially kill, so please ensure you are fully qualified and confident in handling high voltages.
  • The projects described on my pages are not commercial in any way. This means that I do not sell PCB's, kits, or anything like that. The pages are information only.

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