Welcome to my Audio Website, despite the popularity of music streaming and downloads analog audio is celebrating a comeback. Digital reproduction is sometimes perceived artificial with a loss in the music’s soul and emotion. Furthermore there are recordings from the seventies, sixties and even the fifties that still set standards in artistic performance and audio engineering.   This website is my small contribution to the analog audio community. Have fun with the projects and please send me an e-mail for comments or critics. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.       Klaus W. Boening, Dresden, Germany, November 2020
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Safety first Some projects involve working with high voltages that can potentially kill. Ensure you are fully qualified and confident in handling high voltages. Common safety practices are encouraged at all times. Music is meant to celebrate life.
The purpose of audio technology is to recreate artistic performance in a new time and place with as much of the aesthetics carried forward as possible so that in the ultimate realization the listener is transported into the metaspace of the performance being reproduced.                                             Allen Wright 1994
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