Recommended Readings This page contains a compilation of links to external websites that I found very helpful and inspiring for designing my own projects. Articles and schematics by Allen Wright on phono stage design. His papers and his tube preamp cookbook are easy to read, highly informative and simply a „must read“ for any one entering the world of phono preamplifier designs. Allen mainly worked with triodes. One attempt of my designs is to transfer his concepts into the world of solid state. Secrets of the phono stage Schematics & Circuit Diagrams A passive RIAA calculator based on the RIAA equalization network that was published by Stanley P. Lipshitz in 1979. I tested the calculators and compared calculated values with reference tables. The calculator works fine. Calculate passive RIAA EQ Network Articles by Nelson Pass on cascodes, single-ended designs and more. Cascode Amp Design Single-Ended Class A The first Watt Rod Elliott runs an amazing web site full of projects, ideas and very useful background information not only for DIY. I learned a lot from this web site.  Professional results for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast Compound Pair Vs. Darlington Pair Helpful websites with step by step calculations to find the appropriate washers and heat sinks How to Select a Heat Sink Calculating heat sinks How Much Heatsink Do I Need For An Amplifier? The Tube CAD Journal. Web site with lots of ideas on tube amplifier designs, theoretical approaches, merging the world of tubes and solid state and lots of lateral thinking Tube CAD Journal Supertriode Single-Ended Super-Triode Amplifiers Some articles on Audio Transformers Transformers For Small Signal Audio Moving Coil Cartridge Step-up Transformers Dr. Tube is a web site with a comprehensive collection of tube datasheets Dr. Tube datasheets  The Valve Wizard is a web site that contains a lot of information on concepts and the design of tube based circuitry. The site is very educational and truly recommendable The Valve Wizard  Jac van de Walle sells tubes and audio related components. His web site, however, also has lots of nice background information on tubes as well as schematics and datasheets Jac Music  David Davenport wrote a comprehensive paper on audio component grounding and interconnection, that I would consider a “must read“ for any DIY enthusiast Grounding and interconnection  Essential Analog Readings Wright A. The Tube Preamp CookBook. Vacuum State Electronics, second Edition 1997 (I never learned so much from so few pages).   Self D. Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook . Newness, second Edition 2000, Great Britain, ISBN 0 7506 4527 X Self D. Electronics for Vinyl . A Focal Press Book, first Edition 2018 New York, ISBN 978-1-315-20217-4 Horowitz P, Winfield H. The Art of Electronics. Cambridge University Press, second edition, 1989 USA, ISBN  0 521 37095 7 Blencowe M. Designing High-Fidelity Tube Preamps. published by Merlin Blencowe, 2016 USA, ISBN  978-0-9561545-3-8        … to be contiuned        Back to Main Page
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